In January of this year it was back seven years ago when drummer Huub Janssen died.

Huub was a unique drummer who began his extensive career with Tom Manders and the cocktail trio.

In 1967, Peter Schilperoort asked Huub for the famous Dutch swing College band,.

where he was 25 years the vibration- engine and audience favorite.

After a serious car accident, Huub toured further with his own amazing jazz band.

Along with a total of 20 years of great success in the domestic and abroad with a trusty cast.

Huub Janssen is considered to be one of the best jazz drummers in the world!


The former members of the amazing jazz band were not continued after the death of Huub with this unique cast.

A drummer with this name, drive, and so unique style and performance cannot be replaced.

Old "Amazing" band member Marco Kuipers discovered drummer Nils Conrad in Germany.

This young German drum player had lessons in the previous years by Huub and was regularly on the performances of the amazing jazz band.

For the few years Nils developed his own style in combination with the many specific drum tricks where Huub was famous for.

The former members of the amazing jazz band got very excited by Nils and decide after 5 years to resume the band under the name "Nils Conrad and his Amazing Jazzband"!

The band was immediately booked on the Dresden, Kiel, Breda and Gelsenkirchen- jazz festivals.

It proved to be a golden twist, it was the 'click' with Nils immediately and clearly brought back the old sound and "Drive" as played by the amazing jazz band.

The key behind this tribute band is of course still Huub and the band members would like to future play his style of jazz music in honor!




Koos van der Hout: Trumpet/ vocals

Marco Kuipers: Tenor/soprano saxes and clarinet

Bas van Gestel: Trombone/ vocals

Jos van Bueren: Double bass

Richard Endlich: Banjo

Nils Conrad: Drums
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