The apple does'nt fall far from the tree. Richard's father, a virtuoso on various snare instruments showed him the way. Richard (61) went for the banjo and the guitar and started playing in a school band called the Broadway Seven. This band won first prizes at national dixieland competitions.

Next step: he was invited to play with the now famous Dutch trumpet player Bert de Kort, who became a long lasting member of the Dutch Swing College Band. In he second half of the sixties Richard was a member of the Amsterdam answer to the DSC-band: the New Orleans Seven. This band played twice a week in a jazz club, drawing more than 1000 listneners each night, an achievement that was never surpassed by any Dutch jazz band!

Lots of succesful radio broadcasts and grammophone recordings were made. Still, Richard felt the urge of forming his own band, based on his ideas of how a band should sound, shifting from the New Orleans sound to more Chicago orientated.

He contacted only the best Dutch musicians who shared his ideas and the Revival Jass Band was born! The quality of the band he formed led to great success. This band was invited, as a main act, to big festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. (See the band history).

Apart from being the founder and leader of the Revival Jass Band, Richard also became, together with most members of his band, a member of Huub Janssen's Amazing Jazz Band. Richard is an autodidact and developed his own unique style, like all of the members of his band: one of the main reasons he formed this, his own, band! Richard's banjo's: a Bacon and Day Silver Bell tenor and a Paramount. He also plays on a Gibson tenor guitar.

Richard was the most favorite banjo player of Huub Janssen, together with Jos on the double bass they formed the heart of the band with that special sound where the band was well known for.

That particularly sound was unique in the Huub Janssen Amazing Jazzband. With Nils Conrad on drums that sound is back for a large part now in the Huub Janssen Tribute band, thanks to Nils together with the original members!

Richard Endlich